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19th Hole Blog - October 12

Grey Goose 19th Hole
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Wednesday – October 12, 2011

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Show Highlights:
-John Hawkins, in reference to Tiger Woods at the Open, says 'short and crooked' is no way to play on the PGA TOUR.
-Jay Coffin expects to see Tiger play only three more times in 2011.
-Jason Sobel says he'd be happy if he were in Fred Couples' shoes because he would have chosen Keegan Bradley to the Presidents Cup team over Woods.
-The panelists were asked to grade Tiger's performance at the Open. Sobel gave a B- while Hawk gave a C and Coffin said C- at best.
-Coffin says the ladies will add a major in Asia before the men do.

Viewer Comments and Questions:
Jim Gulli (San Dimas, CA)
Rocco Mediate may have been severely criticized for answers to Tiger's dilemma, but time will prove he was correct. Tiger had his moments at the Fry's event in San Martin, California, but they were far and few between. He needs to free himself of ALL swing coaches and simply recall his father's advice. He looks absolutely fearful with his 'new swing.' His short game is what has kept him from suicide. It is so disappointing to see once-great ability decline to that of a frightened child. Do it, Tiger, dump all the new gimmicks and go from positive memory, if you have any common sense! I believe you can do it!

Stew (New Jersey)
A 5th Major? No way! If anything the PGAs of the world need to get together and have one unified 'PGA Championship.' All the other majors are major for a reason. Get the PGA of America, European PGA, Australian PGA, yada, yada, yada to have a sit down and agree on a rotation of venues. Bada bing, bada boom, you got yourself a World PGA Championship and no need to be adding more majors. Has more of a ring to it than any WGC and wouldn't take away from the prestige of the other 3 by diluting the major championship pool of events.

Last Calls:
Watch the Last Calls          

-Jason Sobel on PGA TOUR Money List drama
-Jay Coffin on Elliot Saltman winning his weight in ham
-John Hawkins on finding a late season fanbase for golf 
-Whit Watson on two young newcomers chasing history

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Grey Goose 19th Hole

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