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This 11-year-old's rap video puts Bubba's to shame

Getty Images

If Bubba Watson wants any tips for making his next rap video, he may want to ask Matty, an 11-year old from Vermont who took Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" and made it exponentially better by taking out all the original words and replacing them with new ones, becoming the second swaggiest person in Iggy's life in the process.

"Your boy MD" has set a goal of shooting 18-under-par during a round of golf, and as you'll see in the video, if all of his birdie putts are from 12 feet, you might as well book it. Because this kid doesn't miss from that distance. Whether its in London, or on a plane, or in Cape Town, he's going to make that 12-footer and he's going to go insane.

If golf rap isn't exactly your favorite genre of music, maybe just check out the video because the kid is 11. He shoots his own music videos on his GoPro, he's got a website, and he's all over social media. When I was 11, I had Pokemon cards. So yeah, watch the video, this kid is awesome.