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7-year-old fined $271 for driving golf cart

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If you're out enjoying a late parent-child nine holes at your local club, it's probably OK to let your kid take the wheel. Unless you're in Galveston, Texas.

Seven-year-old Clayton Knight, Jr. - CJ - was ticketed and fined $271 for driving a golf cart along the Galveston shoreline while accompanied by his mother.

"When he said he was going to give a ticket, I figured it would've been for me," said CJ's mother, Amanda.

Instead, the officer deemed it appropriate to ticket the kid, on his birthday no less, who handled it about as well as you'd expect:

"He was worried he was going to go to jail," his mother said.

"He made me write my name on the ticket thing," CJ added. "I was scared."

CJ is due in court on Oct. 4 but Galveston's police chief, according to the above report from ABC13 (via back9network), is exptected to make sure the incident gets "straightened out." 

To put the $271 in perspective, you can get on the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course for $21 less this afternoon.