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Barkley says Jordan once bet $300,000 on single putt

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Many of us play golf with a little pocket money on the line. Good thing Michael Jordan has deep pockets.

Charles Barkley was on “The Dan Patrick Show” on Thursday and told the host that his former golf buddy bets insane amounts of money on the course.

In the tale above, Barkley says:

"We'd be playing golf with certain people, for a couple hundred dollars a hole, nothing big, and he'd be playing some guy for $100,000," Barkley said of Jordan. "He's like, 'Charles, pick that up.' I'm like, 'This putt is for $200.' He's like, 'Pick that up, Charles, get out of my way, you're in my line.' I'm like, 'How much is that putt for?' He's like, '$300,000.' I said, 'Let me get out of your line.' It was crazy man."

Check it out.