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Bubba breaks wife's driver doing trick shot

Getty Images

Fellas ... you ever break something of your significant other's while goofing around with your friends?

Maybe you broke a lamp while playing ball in the house?

Maybe it was a window?

I myself once ruined a brand new couch.

Turns out, Bubba Watson is just like the rest of us ... you know, aside from the whole two green jackets thing. He borrowed his wife Angie's driver for his most recent attempt at a trick-shot video, and it ended with the head snapping clear off the club.

So, instead of employing the "deny, deny, deny strategy" (which, speaking from experience, is a terrible, terrible strategy), he decided to get out ahead of the story, posting the evidence on Twitter. Of course, the fact that he has Ping on speed dial will probably get him out of the doghouse a little quicker than the rest of us, but you get the idea.

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