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Cribs: Rent Rory's former Ireland pad

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If you're planning a buddies golf trip, you may have found your next destination.

The house Rory McIlroy lived in - the Robinhall House in Castlereagh, Northern Ireland - before moving stateside in 2012 is being rented out for the bargain price of $20,977 per week. (And when I say bargain - consider ONE GOLF BALL of his sold last week for $52,000.)

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If you and 19 of your closest friends (or heck, grab some framily members for all I care) pitch in for a week, that's roughly a thousand bucks a person. Considering you won't really need or want to leave the premises, it's not an entirely crazy idea.

For the $21K, you don't simply get a roof over your head. Included in the price: helicopter and chauffear services; a private lake; a nine-hole golf course; an 18-seat cinema (two of you will have to lay on the floor); floodlit tennis courts; in-house chefs; and lessons from resident golf pro Robin Daly, whose father, Fred Daly, was the first Northern Irishman to win a major (British Open) in 1947.

If you can’t afford to stay the week, you can visit Robinhall House and practice your swing at the 14-acre, gated resort facility property for $160/2hrs per adult, or at a discounted rate of $75/2hrs per child. When you’re finished hitting balls and you need to relieve some of the tension in your back, you can relax in the outdoor hottub and help yourself to champagne on tap.

Almost makes you wonder why he ever moved. Oh wait, his home in Jupiter, Fla., isn't so shabby either.