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The Daly slice: Long John launches pizza 'system'

John Daly
Getty Images

Grip it and … eat it?

While it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, John Daly has slightly altered the popular golf slogan to fit his newest business venture: Pizza.

That’s right, Long John has founded his very own pizza “system,” marketed toward golf courses as an effective way to add pizza to their menus.

John Daly Pizza programs come complete with a pizza baking oven, refrigerated pizza preparation unit, pizza making utensils, professional training materials and effective on-site marketing materials. Bonus: Every box comes with a John Daly ball marker attached (whatever that is).

They even served up some tasty pies at the PGA Show in Orlando last month.


There's really not much more to the story. John Daly ... two-time major champion, Hooters connoisseur, wearer of obnoxious pants, pizza system peddler. Talk abour your natural progression.

So next time you sit down at the 19th hole and order a John Daly, don't be surprised if you get some pizza with your vodka-tea-lemonade concoction. There's worse problems to have.