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#EpicFailFriday: That tree came out of nowhere

Getty Images
“Regarding my tweet the other day. I want to apologize to the tour and the guys on the Champions Tour. I have nothing but respect for the guys that paved my way to play this game. I'm sorry to everyone I disrespected and I take full responsibility for my actions.” – his subsequent apology  - 

In this weekly Grill Room installment, we take a look at some golfers' more-forgettable moments on and off the course.

Here we have another example of when risk severely outweighs reward. Absolute best case scenario for this guy, the ball somehow goes in the hole (even though we can't even see the green in the shot) and he has a cool story to tell forever. Worst case scenario, he loses the ability to reproduce and his buddies catch it on camera and laugh in his face. Totally worth it.


Thanks to Clip Nation for the footage. If you have any epic fails that you'd like to see featured in the Grill Room, email us at or tweet @GrillRoom or @GolfChannel using the hashtag #GrillRoom. And make sure to give us a follow while you're there to keep up-to-date on the lighter side of golf.