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Fowler burns Instagram troll for insulting his girlfriend

Getty Images

If you don't follow Rickie Fowler's significant other on Instagram, you're doing it wrong.

She posts pictures like the one below all the time so that her 23,000 followers can live vicariously through her. Whether she's at the beach or being greeted at the airport by her dashing valentine, she generally doesn't give the world much to complain about.  

But don't tell that to Instagram user "fatalsplash" who decided the only logical response to this picture of Alexis and her sister Nicole was, "What up gold digger, must be nice getting sh*t for free in life and not have to work for it." Scorching hot take from splash.

To which Fowler - who took the early lead in Boyfriend of the Year voting in the process - responded, "might want to get your facts straight before you talk to my girl friend like that."

Alexis also stood up for herself saying, "that's hilarious. I work my butt off to be able to fully support myself in NYC, I'm out here grinding to live a nice life."

You can read the rest of the comments for yourself in the screenshots below, but here's a quick summary: Fowler was roundly commended for standing up for his woman, while fatalsplash was rounding criticized for a plethora of things, including his face and being a moron. Those are two pretty tough things to come back from.



And wouldn't you know it, by the end of the conversation, fatalsplash completely changed his tune, even offering Alexis a congratulations on supporting herself.

Sure this was all just a petty Internet squabble, but the lesson here is clear: Don't be fatalsplash. No one likes fatalsplash.

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