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Funny or Die: You, too, can be like Duf

Getty Images

I think I speak for golfers and non-golfers alike when I say, we all secretly wish we were Jason Dufner.

What's not to love? He's a PGA Tour winner, major champion and constantly gets mistaken for Brad Pitt. Oh yeah, his gorgeous wife parades around in bikinis and his puppy, Prince Louie, is the coolest dog in golf.

In a Funny or Die installment released Tuesday, the defending PGA champ is seen promoting instructional DVDs entitled, "That's How Duf Does It," where he unveils his secrets on things like how to eat a tuna melt and how to text an ex-girlfriend to see if she wants to hang out or chat.

Now, you, too, can be just like Duf Daddy with six easy installments of $59.99.