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Golfer discovers meth lab at South Carolina muni

Golf Talk Central
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A nine-hole golf course in Greenville, S.C., became the focus of a police investigation last week, and it had little to do with poor play.

A golfer found two weed killer containers by the fourth green at Donaldson Golf Club, and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office now says the contents were from a meth lab.

When he brought the containers to the clubhouse, Harold Alexander told WBTW News 13, “The owner, he took the top off and he said it had a really vile smell, almost knocked the top of his head off.”

According to the report, police rushed to the public course and crime scene tape was put up around the golf carts and trees.

The evacuation apparently was good news for one golfer, however.

“It’s OK,” Gerald Smith told the local network. “I didn’t have a great round that first nine, anyway.”