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Got $100 million? Then you can buy the McNealy home

Getty Images

Aspiring professional Maverick McNealy is son to billionaire Scott McNealy, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems. This might not be new news to you.

But it really hits home how rich the McNealy's are when you see photos of their Palo Alto, Calif., home which is now for sale ... for $96.8 million.

McNealy, a former Stanford standout, is currently applying his trade on the Tour. He and his three brothers grew up in this estate, which, according to the Wall Street Journal includes a 4,700 square-foot gym, climbing wall, disco, pizza room (yes, pizza room), golf practice facility, ice rink, pool, tennis court, basketball court, home theater, poker room, spa, sauna, wine celler, and a panic room. It is 28,000 square feet, sits on 13 acres of land and has a total of 20 rooms.

The images are courtesy Rex Real Estate, which estimates your monthly payments at $489,857 (assuming you're good for the $19,360,000 down payment).