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He Said/She Said: How we'd spend $10 million

FedEx Cup
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By week's end, the winner of the FedEx Cup will receive a whopping $10 million. The Golf Guy and Birdie Bailey contemplate what they'd do with that serious wad of cash.


I'd instantly book a flight to Maui so I can sit on the beach, play golf and contemplate my newfound riches. I came up with these must-dos:

Travel schedule – Buy an RV (and full-time sober driver) and travel the U.S. to all the biggest sporting events. The Masters, Super Bowl, national championship games in both NCAA hoops and football, U.S. Open tennis, World Series, and of course, the national donut eating championship.

Become buddies with Phil Mickelson.

Find a village in Africa and rebuild it – with a par-3 course.

Buy stock in Oreo cookies. A Double Stuf worth of stock.

Call my high school girlfriend just to say 'hey.'

Talk with JT and discuss renaming his PGA Tour event to 'Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open ... presented by the Golf Guy.'

Become fluent in speaking Portuguese ... you know, to increase my odds.

Pay to spend a week with Dave Pelz discussing and working on putting and short game (on second thought, he should pay me).

And finally, see if I can afford to buy a house in Jupiter, Fla. – next to Tiger and the rest of that PGA Tour gang.


They say it's the experiences more than material possessions that enrich one's life when it's all said and done. But if I stumbled upon $10 million, I have to admit I'd indulge in both.

I'd buy a private jet and invite my closest friends and family to travel the world with me.

We'd visit Paris, the south of France, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Buenos Aires, Bora Bora, Thailand, Iceland, Greece, London, Cabo San Lucas and wherever else the wind blew us ... safely, of course, and in my private jet.

With the money left over, I'd buy my parents each whatever their hearts desired – a new car, a home, a boat ... whatever they wanted, I would get it for them. A small gesture that wouldn't even sniff at repaying them for all they've done for me.

Lastly, I'd go shopping in New York City. Yes, typical female, I know, but it's my hypothetical $10 million party and I'll shop if I want to. 

Then, I'd come back to reality. I'd invest some of it, put the rest into savings and carry on with my life as usual. But I'd have the memories and the wardrobe to always remind me of when I felt like 10 million bucks. Oh, and a private jet to take me back to any one of the destinations I visited, in case the memories weren't enough.