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Hello, world? 'Sexi' Thompson says hello, boys

Getty Images

We first saw a more grown-up side to 19-year-old Lexi Thompson last month in a Puma ad, where she donned a teenie weenie blue bikini.

Now, she's back to baring more skin in a photoshoot for GolfPunk Magazine (including, thankfully, another teenie weenie blue bikini).

Thompson posted this photo (below) to her Instagram Tuesday, teasing the article and more photos over at GolfPunk's website.

The magazine dubs her 'Sexi Thompson' and photographs her in looks that appear destined for the cover of Vogue - like this one below. In the interview, she says she would want Cameron Diaz or Katherine Heigel to play her in a movie, and she divulges the best pickup line she's ever received.

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If you haven't already, check out her interview and more photos of 'Sexi Lexi' on GolfPunk's website.