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Herron's Masters scripting features green jacket

Getty Images

As the year's first major approaches, people are starting to wonder what some of golf's biggest names are going to be wearing when they stroll into Augusta National.

You got a glimpse at the wardrobes of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods on Monday, but like any reasonable person you probably found yourself wondering, "what about Tim Herron?"

Well for the second straight year, wonder no more.

"Lumpy" tweeted his Masters scripting to the world, and from the looks of it, he's gonna have a heck of a week.

Thursday he will be hanging out with a buddy in Wisconsin in a "Drink Wisconsonably" t-shirt, jeans and some Ugg Boots. Tom Brady would be proud.

Friday is a trip to the water park with the family, some goggles and a Speedo. 

Saturday he'll be curled up on the couch watching the Minnesota Wild in a jersey and velvet sweatpants while soaking his feet.

And Sunday is a ghillie suit and high tops kind of day. Good for turkey hunting or scaring people in town.

Like I said, sounds like a heck of a week. Water parks, Speedos, Ugg Boots, ghillie suits ... who needs the stinkin' Masters?

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