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Herron's Masters scripting: Bee suit, hoverboard

Getty Images

The wait is finally over.

For the third straight year, Tim Herron has graciously allowed the public a peek at his wardrobe for Masters week, and much like the actual Masters, it just keeps getting better.

On Thursday, the four-time PGA Tour winner will don a bee suit for tending bees on his sister's honey farm.

On Friday it's a bib and jeans for all-you-can-eat brisket at the Pork Palace (where's my invite?).

Saturday he'll be learning how to use a hoverboard at the community center while going full Rob Gronkowski in Zubaz pants.

And on Sunday, while some lucky guy is slipping on the green jacket at Augusta National, Herron will be with his kids at the new water park in a Ryder Cup poncho and crocs.

Never stop living the dream, "Lumpy."