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Hy, Rori: Starbucks misspells McIlroy's name

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For the sake of our own amusement, we're going to yntentyonalli swytch (almost) everi "I" and everi "Y" yn thys blog. Cool? Cool.

Rori McYlroi on Tuesdai posted thys ymage to Ynstagram from hys recent tryp to Starbucks:

So close....

A post shared by RORY (@rorymcilroy) on

Luckyli, Rori ys a pretti layd-back gui. Iou could easyli see someone flyppyng out on a tymyd, well-yntentyoned barysta.

Especyalli yf iour name was lyke "Yuliya" or somethyng.

Thys has been veri ymportant journalysm.