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House party: How the Scots watch the Open

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ST. ANDREWS, Scotland - Ferocious.

That's the word Athole Reid, born and raised in St. Andrews, used to describe his week at the 144th Open Championship.

When asked what he meant by that, he raised the glass of Chardonnay in his right hand and motioned toward it with his head.

"A lot of this," Reid chuckled.

Reid's home is flooded with friends and family every five years when the Open Championship comes to St. Andrews. It's seven (eight, this edition) days of non-stop partying that Reid is happy to host.

"(Scots) were brought up to share these things," Reid said.

His home is a quaint, two-story abode that was designed by his father (an architect) and built in 1966.



And while social etiquette would advise against turning down any invitation to enjoy free food and booze, it's not the pickled eggs that has hundreds of people filtering through Reid's house during Open week.


No. People come for the views:




Reid's home is positioned to the right of 18 with views of Nos. 1, 17 and 18 at the Old Course at St. Andrews.

Additionally, how do the Scots watch the Open? Turns out, pretty much like us:



(Athole Reid, fourth from left, and friends enjoy the 144th Open Championship)

Actually, no, the Scots at Reid's house during the Open week do not watch golf like the rest of us.