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How to lose 100 pounds (£) fast: Click here!

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ST. ANDREWS, Scotland - No, has not been spammed. This article can, indeed, help you lose 100 pounds or more in a matter of mere minutes. Quite the miracle worker I am, huh?

I perused the merchandise shop on-site at the 144th Open Championship to bring you an insider's perspective on what's available for purchase this week. And while 100 pounds sure sounds like a lot to us back in the U.S. ... it gets spread pretty thin (how apropos) here in the U.K.

For the skinny and the scoop on all things Open merchandise, click here to view the gallery or click on the image below. And for my friends and family back in the states, let me know if you see something you like. But let it be known that I pack it on - the handling fees, that is.