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Howard Stern hits '300-yard drive' despite video

Howard Stern
Getty Images

Howard Stern attended the wedding of Jimmy Kimmel over the weekend at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in California, and while there, he apparently had a chance to tee it up. None of this would be a big deal normally, except he claimed afterwards that he was bombing the ball 300 yards, which is a boast one could get away with if there was no video evidence of your swing. Unfortunately for the shock jock, that's not the case.

Call me crazy, but unless he got the most fortuitous cart-path bounce of all time, there's no way that swing delivered a 300-yard drive. It may not have delivered a 100-yard drive.

A little word of advice for you Mr. Stern, next time you want to make an outrageous claim about your golf skills, do it like this guy and make sure nobody videotapes it.