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It's not coming home: Pros react to England's World Cup loss

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England and Croatia squared off in Russia on Wednesday for the right to take on France in the World Cup finals.

For weeks, English fans have touted the slogan, "It's coming home," in reference to what they believed was an impeding title. IT will be going to Croatia or France.

Prior to the start of the semifinal matchup, and during most of the contest, English pros were conspicuously quiet. Ian Poulter sent this tweet in advance of the match:

England scored in the fifth minute and there was much rejoycing

In the 68th minute, Croatia tied it up at 1-1.

After ending regulation tied at 1-1, Croatia scored in the second extra session to take a 2-1 advantage and eventually won by that same margin, ending England's World Cup dream.

Though, there was some trolling by Italy's Edoardo Molinari.