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Jungle Bird 'attends' MLB game ... immediately tackled

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“You know, he may be the best player in the world. The season he had was probably the best in the world. He continues to impress every one of us in his demeanor, the way he conducts himself on the golf course, and his remarkable ability that he has.” - on Thomas  - 

Jungle Bird is back! Well ... kind of.

The man on a mission to stop deforestation has been relatively quiet as of late, but it was only a matter of time before he resurfaced.

Best know for crashing the 2012 U.S. Open trophy ceremony and making bird calls before being hauled away by Mike Davis, Jungle Bird hasn't limited himself to just golf - he was seen running onto the field at a soccer game and a Notre Dame-Navy football game, among other shennanigans.

Friday night he set his sights on Major League Baseball and jumped the wall to run the bases at the New York Mets-Washington Nationals game at Nationals Park. In typical Jungle Bird fashion, he gave himself up without issue after crossing home plate. But that didn't seem to matter to a security guard obviously unfamiliar with Jungle Bird's work, as he decided to tackle him to the ground anyway. Below is a video of the entire incident.

Jungle Bird has since spoken out on his Facebook page, letting the world know that he is doing just fine. "After 18 hours in jail the judge [threw] the case out! A huge thank you to the Police and US Marshall's who took great care of me! STOP Deforestation!"

Keep doing you Jungle Bird, but maybe come back to golf, where the security guards are a little less aggressive.