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Breaking: Keegan, Donald worse at b-ball than MJ, Brady

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Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald were on vacation in the Bahamas this week when they were challenged to a game of pick-up basketball by a couple other vacationers.

Just a couple of regular dudes named Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. Maybe you've heard of them? The game looks like it played out exactly as you'd imagine it would. 

And it wouldn't be a basketball game with His Airness if he didn't talk a little bit of trash. You can hear him in the video below telling his opponents to YouTube him after hitting the fadeaway. Old man Jordan is such a savage.

Lets break down the game tape.

Here's Keegan trying to inbound the ball while staring straight into 10 combined championship rings, not to mention those sweet baby blue eyes. Impossible task.


And here's Keegan playing some solid defense on the four-time Super Bowl champion, while Donald (in the shades) does his best to stay out of the way:

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And here's a closer look at that defense. R.I.P Keegan Bradley's ankle. It had a good run.


I haven't seen a beatdown this bad on the hardwood since Charlie Murphy took on Prince.

To his credit, Bradley conceded defeat on Twitter, but not without a parting shot about how the golf played out earlier in the day: