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Kid Rock, smiling Bill Belichick hang at Tiger's bar

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The Woods Jupiter, bringing friends together over good food and drinks since 2015.

Of course we're talking about BFFs Bill Belichick and Kid Rock. No, seriously.

Belichick's girlfriend, Linda Holliday, posted the following photo to Instagram of the New England Patriots head coach and the rock star hanging out Friday night at Tiger Woods' restaurant, and they must be putting alcohol something in the drinks there because we might have gotten a rare first glimpse at The Hoodie's teeth.

Two of these people have lived in Detroit! Hint : I'm not one of them!

A photo posted by Linda Holliday (@lindahollidayofficial) on

Belichick and Rock have become friendly playing celebrity pro-ams together in recent years, so the two of them actually may be the least odd couple in the picture.

On a related note, of course he chose the middle seat.