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Listen: Bubba apparently hasn't given up on his rap career

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From the man who brought you YouTube hits “Oh Oh Oh”, “2.Oh” and Bubbaclaus’ “The Single” comes Bubba Watson’s latest musical collaboration: a few bars on Christian rapper KB’s “Ima Just Do It” record. 

The song is approaching 100,000 views on YouTube. OK, so not exactly Taylor Swift numbers, but hey, it's not terrible for a song in which Bubba references his wife, unique swing, pink driver and Masters victory.

Bubba hops on at the 3-minute mark and spits lines for more than 40 seconds. And honestly, he kinda holds his own. 

Follow along here, because you know you want to:

Interlude: Lemme talk about how I’m supposed to be a Christmas party right now, but y’all keep keeping me in here. My wife’s not gonna let me be on fleek, if y’all don’t hurry up

Bubba Wats on the mic now

Can a golfer spit a rhyme?

Not a gangsta rapper

But my caddie got a 9

KB need a verse

I told him ain’t nothing to it

Everybody ask me why

I just look ’em in the eye and say, ‘Ima just do it’

Country boy from the panhandle

Country boy from the panhandle

No golf lessons, just God’s blessin’s

Ain’t nothin’ He can’t handle

Left-handed, funny swing

Driver’s pink, ain’t nothin’ to me

Got two Masters, no double major

But one Master, I praise and thank you

(Kudos to musical connoisseur @ShaneRyanHere for the spot)