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A love story: Spieth waxes poetic about his putter

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Speaking at a pre-tournament news conference at the Valspar Championship on Wednesday, Jordan Spieth reminded all of us that true love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another ... putter.

During his media availability, the defending champion was asked about his 009 Scotty Cameron putter, specifically why he's kept it so long and whether or not he ever considers trying out different equipment. His remarkably detailed answer is embedded above and transcribed below:

"I haven't been putting horribly. I just haven't been making - I haven't been converting a lot of mid-rangers. They just haven't gone in. 

"009. I haven't always used it. I've used it since I was probably 15-16 years old, which is a while now. 

"It's got character. I love the way it looks. It's gone from being a triple-black finish to now just naturally being just rusted. It's got a little nick on the top of it. It's just got character. It just looks good to me when I set it down. It just looks very, very clean - the lines. 

"It's a very solid putter. It's not very soft, and I like that. I like being able to feel in my hands kind of the strike of the ball, instead of just feeling like you just glide it through air. Some people like a softer finish. And the weighing is distributed nicely for me.

"When putts go in, anything looks good. But ... it's a great putter."

Leave it to Jordan Spieth to talk about his putter the way Ron Swanson talks about eating steak.

Then again, if you were anywhere near as good as he is, you'd probably talk about your putter that way, too.

Someone please in the future ask him for his thoughts on breakfast food.