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Mahan sparks 'unwritten rules' debate during ALCS

Hunter Mahan at the 2013 Travelers Championship
Getty Images

In a blowout, baseball announcers need something to talk about, right?

So it was Wednesday night that Hunter Mahan managed to get involved in the broadcast during Game 4 of the Boston Red Sox-Detroit Tigers series.

Try and follow along here.

On Tuesday – a day earlier – Mahan sent this tweet about baseball’s “unwritten rules” while defending Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig’s demonstrative celebrations:

Fox Sports' Tim McCarver, for some reason, began listing some of golf’s unwritten rules in a supposedly witty segment called “Tim’s Takes.”

McCarver, the 72-year-old veteran analyst who is retiring after this season (to the delight of many baseball fans), rattled off a few of golf’s unwritten rules, like pros not being allowed to wear shorts in 110-degree heat … until play-by-play man Joe Buck told McCarver, no, that actually is a written rule.

OK, then.

Unfazed, McCarver proceeded to list other unwritten rules, like talking anytime your opponent is hitting, and driving into the foursomes in front of you, and stepping in an opponent’s line.

Those aren’t unwritten rules. Those are easy ways to start an on-course royal rumble.

Anyway, Mahan, apparently unsatisfied, issued this challenge afterward:

Mahan 1, McCarver 0.