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Video: Man gets head stuck in trash can after round

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Ever end your round with a triple bogey on the final hole to just miss out on breaking 80? Or 90? That's a bad way to end a round.

You know what's a worse way to end a round? By sticking your head in a trash can and then not being able to get it out while your friends and family gather around and laugh at you, film the entire ordeal and upload it to the Internet. Yeah, that's worse.

The incident was apparently a failed attempt by 49-year-old Dave Sayers to throw away his golf clubs at a charity golf tournament in England.

Maybe it's just best to let the man explain for himself: 

“We were coming to the end of the day and I had been losing it a bit with a few bad shots. We’d all had a few beers," he told The Telegraph. "I said, ‘I’m going to bin these clubs’ but they wouldn’t fit. I decided to go a step further ... I went to put my head in the bin, but then I couldn’t get it out.”

Well that clears it up. Would've never guessed alcohol was involved.

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