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Man vandalizes two golf courses after getting dumped

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Breaking up is hard to do. Austin Christopher knows that better than anyone.

In a fit of rage after getting dumped by his girlfriend this past weekend, 23-year-old Christopher got in his pickup truck and headed to the golf course.

Did he take his aggression out by beating balls on the range? Nope.

Was this his way of getting back at her for all those times she never let him play golf with buddies on weekends? Not exactly.

Christopher didn't just drive to the golf course; he drove on the golf course. He allegedly did "three or four large donuts in the middle of the ninth green" at Harvest Hill Golf Club in Orchard Park, N.Y., according to superintendent Eric Tuchols, causing $50,000 worth of damage. He then, allegedly, proceeded to Bob-O-Link Golf Course, where he tore up the driving range, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage there, additionally.

A security camera at Harvest Hill caught the 23-year-old on camera, and he faces felony charges. East Aurora police told reporters that "Austin Christopher admitted to everything."

Let this be a lesson to us all: Eating donuts after a breakup is OK. Performing donuts on the golf course after a breakup is NOT.