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Man who proposed on Amen Corner is a total boss

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So how'd you propose?

On the jumbotron Kiss Cam? For your sake, I hope not.

By putting the ring in her dessert at a fancy restaurant? That's a little better.

How about getting down on one knee at Amen Corner as Augusta National patrons give you a standing ovation? Legendary.

Meet Taylor Lamb, who did just that during Monday's practice round at the Masters, earning a yes from his new fiancée and winning life in one fell swoop. 

The best part of the story, however, is how close it was to not happening.

Lamb, 25, purchased the ring in November and has had Masters Monday locked-in as the day he would propose to Alyson Dukes, 26, since then. Only problem was, he didn't have any practice-round badges or, more importantly, a back-up plan.

sports information director at Georgia Regents University, Lamb worked the 3M Augusta Invitational on Sunday at Forest Hills Golf Club, thinkng two Monday badges were coming his way, but as of the end of the work day, they hadn't.

“I was walking to my car in defeat. I mean, I had already told both our moms – and a ton of friends – about my plan, and all I could think about was having to call everything off,” Lamb told the Augusta Chronicle.

That's when GRU athletic director Clint Bryant came to the rescue. Driving up with two badges just before Lamb left the course.

“I had honestly given up, and then two seconds later it all fell into place,” said Lamb.

And now they have these great photos and a(nother) reason to go back to the Masters every year. Bravo, Taylor. Bravo.


(Photos courtesy of Jon-Michael Sullivan/Augusta Chronicle)

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