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G-Mac's photo raises important historical question

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The third hole at Innisbrook is a dogleg-right par-4 that squeezes between two water hazards, one left and one right. Because we would never ask you to visualize, here's a picture.

And here's another, enhanced image of the hazard on the right.

Don't be missing it right on number 3 here at @valsparchamp #doublebogey

A photo posted by Graeme McDowell (@graeme_mcdowell) on

Was this the course where ... Before you start connecting dots, the Copperhead course was not completed until 1974, which means this is not the Florida venue where Chubbs Peterson was tragically cut down to his prime, circa 1965. We did, however, manage to dig up this documentary clip from 1996, in which Peterson, the man once heralded by Sports Illustrated as "the next Arnold Palmer," tells the horrifying tale in his own words. Viewer discretion is advised: