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Sleeper pick: Rory rattles his napping caddie

Getty Images

When world No. 1 Rory McIlroy came up short (T-5) on Sunday at the Deutsche Bank, he cited mental fatigue.

“I think today was just a combination of trying too hard," McIlroy said, "and then I feel like whenever I have played a lot of golf, my attitude can get sort of – I was very sort of reactive about bad shots and bad breaks today, which I haven’t been the last two weeks. I think that’s a little bit of mental fatigue kicking in there.”

Fair enough. The man has played five of the last seven weeks, managing to secure a WGC and two majors during that time. I'm mentally fatigued just writing that.

But, Rory isn't the only person from Camp McIlroy who's feeling a little run down. In the video below, McIlroy suddenly rattles his caddie, JP Fitzgerald, from his slumber on their jet ride leaving Boston, and the result is pretty hilarious.