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Mickelson takes Ryder Cup prep to gun range

Getty Images

A rare bye week on the PGA Tour can be spent in a variety of ways. Some players go home to rest and spend time with family; others like Bryson DeChambeau head into the mountains to study their oxygen usage rates.

And if you're Phil Mickelson, you go from the driving range to the gun range.

Mickelson, who continues to be a gift to the Twittersphere, sent out a video to his more than 228,000 followers showing him wearing a U.S. Ryder Cup hat while laying prone behind the scope of a sniper rifle, taking aim at a target he described as 1,250 yards away in a "slight crosswind" as a way to prep for the biennial matches:

Mickelson took a deep breath and pulled the trigger, with the sound of him hitting the target heard a few seconds later. "Nailed it," he proclaimed.

This is your reminder that the Ryder Cup begins in only 15 days.