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Microsoft's age app has no idea how old Tour pros are

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If you haven't heard of, Microsoft's latest creation which uses a computer algorithm to guess the gender and age of a person based off of a photo, you can go ahead and kiss the next hour or so of your life goodbye.

Because after you submit your own selfie and shed a tear or two when the website rudely suggests you're 15 years older than you actually are, you're going to want to do a search for your family, friends and especially your enemies hoping for similar results. It's human nature.

And whether the app spits out an age younger or older than the person in question, if we go by the small sampling of PGA Tour pros we submited, the number will undoubtedly be wrong.

Like 39-year-old Tiger Woods, who apparently hasn't aged a day since turning pro.


Or how about Phil Mickelson, 44, who is dreading that 30th birthday all over again.


Then there's Rory McIlroy, 25, the kid who can do it all, who is going to threaten every record in the books if he continues to age in reverse.


Prediction - Dustin Johnson, 30, will be the longest driver on the Champions Tour in three years.


This was the closest guess Microsoft had, pegging 36-year-old Bubba Watson to his mid-30s. Genius.


And it quickly followed that up by jumping on the 21-year-old Jordan Spieth's receding hairline. How old does this thing think LeBron James is, 106?


It also guessed way high on John Daly, who is only 49. Although, the thought of 68-year old John Daly gripping n' ripping it does intrigue me.


And last, but certainly not least, 51-year-old Ryder Cup captain Davis Love turned the clock back to 2008, the last time he won a PGA Tour event. Could we have a player-captain at Hazeltine?


Of course, it's tough to get too angry. The website does follow up each guess with a sincere apology ... "Sorry if we didn’t quite get the age and gender right – we are still improving this feature."

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