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Murray's son admits he's never seen Caddyshack

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When he isn't yucking it up at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, or crashing engagements, college parties or kickball games, Bill Murray leads a fairly private life.

So it may surprise you to learn that his son Luke is actually the assistant basketball coach at Xavier University, which just lost a nail-biter to Wisconsin in the NCAA Tournament's Round of 32 on Sunday.

It will further surprise you that Luke, whose father starred in Caddyshack and whose uncle wrote it, has never seen the film.

"Never seen it," Luke says in the video above during an interview with ESPN's Jeff Goodman. "I've heard it's good, [but] I've never seen it."

Even his boss, Xavier head coach Chris Mack, is able to rattle off a chunk of the "Cindarella story" monologue before adding, "I don't believe Murray. He's had to have watched the movie. He's had to have seen Caddyshack."

Goodman later prompts Luke to tell his father the truth, and Bill deadpans a response before jumping ship to Hong Kong, making his way over to Tibet and getting out as a looper at a course in the Himalayas. 

h/t Golf Digest