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Video: Woman crushes back-to-back drives into crowd

Getty Images

We admittedly don't know much about this video, but the lack of background info will seem inconsequential when you're laughing your way through your fourth or fifth time watching it.

It's an old clip from "Golf's Amazing Videos," a past Golf Channel show.

A woman in a long-drive competition tees one up and immediately drills the ball into the crowd. Then, instead of bothering to see if she laid waste to anyone - or quitting golf altogether - she tees up a second ball and hits the same exact shot. And hits the same exact person in the crowd.

The highlight of the clip comes at the 19-second mark, when the downed patron - now twice a tee-ball victim - implores, "Make her cut it out!"

Remember this the next time you get too close to an amateur playing inside the ropes. They are still an amateur.

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