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Need another reason to pull for Wisc. b-ball? They golf

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Unless you are Drake a soulless front-runner, or have a strange desire to watch Ashley Judd and Dick Vitale swap spit ... again, you will be pulling hard for the Wisconsin Badgers to knock off the 38-0 Kentucky Wildcats in the Final Four on Saturday.

And while standing in betweeen Kentucky and perfection has earned them plenty will get you plenty of bandwaggoners, the Badgers are by far the most likeable team left in the tourney. Their star big man, Frank Kaminsky, goes by "Frank the Tank," has interviewed the real "Frank the Tank" and is Carlton-ing his way back to college basketball's big stage.

He also, as evidenced below, is a big fan of quoting Caddyshack while swinging tiny golf clubs.

Junior guard Sam Dekker has played his way into a household name and a possible NBA lottery pick as Wisconsin has advanced through the NCAA Tournament. But sinking daggers against Arizona and dating smoke shows from rival schools aside, he spends his free time on the golf course with Andy North, and plays custom Pro-V1s stamped with "DEKKER BRUHHH." 

So again, not that you needed another reason, but root for Wisconsin tomorrow.

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