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People still letting John Daly hit out of their mouths

Getty Images

John Daly had himself quite the Masters week. In addition to hanging out at Hooters and signing autographs, Long John found some time in his busy schedule on Friday to sneak away and hit a drive off a tee held in a woman's mouth.



When asked on Twitter why she would let Daly do such a thing, she responded, "trust him with my life & his woman is my BFF. You can't find better people." That may or may not be true, but the fact that her legs had to be held down and she let out a shriek as soon as the ball left the tee doesn't exactly scream, "trust." Before participating in this stunt again, she may want to watch this reminder that Wild Thing doesn't always hit his spots. It definitely could have been worse.

If this stunt looks familiar, it's because this isn't Daly's first rodeo. He's found other people stupid enough willing to risk their faces in the past, including Golf Channel's own David Feherty.