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Player talks OJ, Trump and Tiger with TMZ

Getty Images

Gary Player was stopped by paparazzi at LAX and three names came up during his on-camera conversation: O.J. Simpson, Donald Trump and Tiger Woods.

Of Simpson, who was recently released from prison and is currently staying on a golf course property, Player said to TMZ: “He served his term. … When a man has served his term, he must be forgiven. He must go ahead now and live his life."

Player then brought up the president, saying he would have no problem playing with Donald Trump because, “You play golf with the man because he’s the president and you respect the presidency.”

Tiger was the last topic. Player was asked if he thinks Woods should retire.

“I don’t know if he can come back. We’re hoping so, we need him in golf," Player said. "I know one thing, I don’t think he’ll play again unless he can play real well.”