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Quotes of the Week

Rory McIlroy
Getty Images

“At the moment, no aspects of my game are strong, and I’m just feeling a bit lost at the moment. It feels good on the range and I can hit all the shots, but when I get out on the course, it really does not seem to be there.”Rory McIlroy, on his 2-over 74 in Thursday’s first round of The Irish Open. McIlroy went on to miss the cut.

“Rory is compared to Tiger a lot, but maybe he's more like Phil Mickelson: very talented, very streaky. And as Rory accepts that that's his style – and he's starting to – he'll start to peak more every week because he won't push to make things happen.”Padraig Harrington, to Golf Magazine, on McIlroy.

“Rory’s never going to be a flat-line golfer like Nick Faldo. I think it’s in his DNA to be an up-and-down player, and I think that’s going to be part of his career for the rest of his life.” – Paul McGinley, to the Irish Independent, on McIlroy.

“I think Tiger’s woken up and realized this is a hard sport, and he is a mere mortal, after all. For so many years, he was so good, he was such an amazing athlete. When he went pro, he went off like a rocket.” – Nick Faldo, to the Daily Mail, on Tiger Woods.

“No.” – Woods, on whether he feels like he is struggling mentally.

“I think he passes Jack for 19 major wins. Time is on his side. He's still the best player in the world. His game is suited to winning majors, and if he plays great, he definitely wins. The difference today is that his “B” game doesn't win majors anymore. Other players have improved.” – Harrington, again, on Woods.

“It was fairly quiet out there. You have a few cheers here and there. But we had the ‘hot dog’ group. That's where the fans are looking at the pairing sheet and go, ‘Curtis, Blixt, McNeill. Let's go get a hot dog.’”George McNeill, on his first-round pairing with Ben Curtis and Jonas Blixt at the AT&T National.

“I had a great career, a great normal career if you like. But, of course, there's always an omission – isn't there? – when you talk about me. There's a lack of a major championship.” – Colin Montgomerie, who is beginning his Champions Tour career this week at the Constellation Senior Players Championship, after turning 50 on June 23.

“I've worn red ever since my college days basically or junior golf days – big events on the last day. I just stuck with it out of superstition, and it worked. I just happened to choose a school that actually was red, and we wore red on our final day of events. So, it worked out.” – Woods, again, on why he wears red on the final day of tournaments.

“When he pushes for those results every week, he gets frustrated, and it knocks his confidence back. And those weeks when he's on? He laps the field.” – Harrington, again, on McIlroy.

“But he’s not in a good mental place. It was so easy for him before, he made it look so easy, when it is such a hard sport. But whatever he’s been through, with all his personal problems, has made an impact on his mind – and so much of this sport is all in the mind. Nerve is the bottom line. I know he wants to come back and prove that he can do it.” – Faldo, again, on Woods.

“I don't know. I've won four times.” – Woods, again, in response to Faldo’s comments.