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Samuel L. Jackson: I beat Tiger at St. Andrews

Getty Images

The last time Samuel L. Jackson made some public statements about his golf game, it turned into one of the most entertaining Twitter feuds of 2016.

But that didn't stop the 67-year-old actor from bragging to the "Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday about the time he (and his 16 handicap) beat Tiger Woods at St. Andrews.

“He had to give me all my 16 shots," said Jackson. "First time I played St. Andrews, I actually played with Tiger … The day I played with him, he said, ‘Follow me.’ I was at 16,  I shot 78, he shot even par. I win.”

When reminded that he could hold that win over Woods forever, Jackson quickly responded, "I do."

Beating Tiger Woods at golf has to be a pretty good feeling, not as good as saving a plane full of people from homicidal snakes, but still pretty good nonetheless.