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Sandwich wrapper from Tiger's first Masters win on sale for $999

Getty Images

Are you in the market for a 20-year-old egg salad sandwich wrapper? Well you're in luck.

And - bonus(!) - Tiger Woods once won the Masters in the general vicinity where this sandwich wrapper was acquired.

That's right, for the low price of $999 (and free shipping), you can own a wrapper that once contained an egg salad sandwich sold at Augusta National in 1997, when Tiger slipped on a green jacket for the first time.

That's a heck of an ask for a sandwich that sold for $1.50 ... in 2017.

h/t to ESPN's Darren Rovell for pointing this out, but, as tweeter Ben Weinberg notes, you probably can't splurge on both this and the Jon Voight pencil, Have to choose one or the other.

If you'd like to bid on this RARE item, check out the auction here.