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Snoop Dogg performing in Augusta during Masters

Getty Images

If you are heading to Augusta, Ga., next week for the Masters and were excited about the golf action but disappointed with the lack of hip hop concerts in the area, well, you're in luck.

Snoop Dogg will be in town to headline "Augusta Jam" on Wednesday, the night before the opening round, at the Country Club Dance Hall and Saloon, just a couple miles down the road from Augusta National. 

The 45-year-old rapper may seem like an odd choice to headline a concert at the first major championship of the season, but Snoop has an interesting history with the sport. 

Based on this incredible interview and these fabulous photos, he loves him some Tiger Woods.

He also once successfully talked Vince Vaughn into playing a 3-wood instead of a pitching wedge on his approach based on his knowledge of the "grass." The shot landed just inches from the hole.

Tickets for "Augusta Jam" are going for $150. Click here for more information.