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Spieth talks about picking Brady's brain

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Jordan Spieth was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, and the conversation turned to the NFL. Though Spieth is a huge - and hugely disappointed - Dallas Cowboys fan, he brought up Tom Brady's name and talked about doing an appearance a few years ago for mutual sponsor Under Armour with the New England Patriots quarterback.

Spieth said he enjoys watching "other athletes at the top level on the biggest stages, and where they are so composed. And fortunately now I have a chance to talk to a lot of these athletes. I've had relationships with a lot of these guys. I feel very fortunate for that, because that's when you really pick their brain. What are they thinking about? What's their visualization like? How do they get over ... you know, TB12 throws a pick-6 and they go down 21 to zero - What was he sitting there praying about? What was his visualization for the rest of the game?"

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Spieth said their meeting took place a few years ago, when Brady had won three of his current total of five Super Bowls. "I think I had one win on Tour and he was kind of getting ready to try and win a couple more Super Bowls in his opinion, which he ended up doing. But this is prior to even two years ago."

Asked by Patrick what they talked about, Spieth said it was "just a lot of mentorship about success early on in a career. You know, he's in his early 20s and wins three Super Bowls. How do you sustain that? How do you keep setting goals? How do you keep trying to get better and dissect the statistics in order to pick apart ... what to work on day to day.

"It was a lot of that, a lot of mental stuff. You know, he's just, what an incredible, incredible athlete, being the greatest of all time in a sport. This week I'm actually playing with another greatest of all time in a sport, and that's Wayne Gretzky. So just being around these athletes after just being a fanatic myself, you've got to kind of pinch yourself here and there. It's pretty cool."

The next time Spieth gets to spend time with Brady, he can take notes on how to overcome a seemingly hopeless deficit. Maybe the key is having Julian Edelman caddie for him.