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DeLaet's clubs finally arrive, have seen better days

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Graham DeLaet got to St. Andrews on Saturday hoping to get in plenty of practice at the year's third major championship. Too bad his clubs didn't get the memo.

The journey started off good enough for the 33-year-old Canadian, posing for a picture at the airport before takeoff:

But things quickly soured when he still didn't have his clubs two days later. So he did what one does when you're mildly famous in the year 2015: You call out the airline on social media.

He did manage to get some prep work in with a loaner set of clubs while he waited.

And by Tuesday, the airline had located the clubs, and got them to DeLaet.

But just when he thought things were looking up, he opened the bag to find this:

So what happened? DeLaet explained that it was an explosion of protien powder that he keeps packed in his bag.

But that didn't stop his Twitter followers from chiming in with their thoughts on the real culprit: