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Sly Stallone's model daughter has gorgeous swing

Getty Images

Sylvester Stallone has it all.

Legendary acting career, $400 million net worth, star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, guest starring role on NBC's hit show "This Is Us" (shameless plug) and a daughter who could beat you at golf. Seriously.

Stallone, 71, who has played a little golf in his day, posted an Instagram video recently playfully taunting his daughter Sistine to hit a golf shot.

Despite the absence of proper golf attire, including golf shoes - or any shoes for that matter - the 19-year-old model shows off an impressive swing for her father's 4 1/2 million followers:

You've been forewarned. If you see Sistine mulling around your local muni, it would be wise to think twice before challenging her to a money game, even if she doesn't look ready.