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Golf Guy: Favorite players ... and cookies?

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Welcome to 'The List.' A place where the Golf Guy can get both golf-related topics and completely useless stuff off his chest. Feel free to add your own 'list' in the comments section while at the same time refrain from comments like, 'This guy gets paid for this crap?' Anyway, this week's topics - favorite golfers and favorite store-bought cookies:

Phil Mickelson

My current five favorite professional golfers:

1) Phil Mickelson - A lock at my No. 1 until he retires

2) Luke Donald - I just like the guy ... plain and simple

3) Rory McIlroy - Talent+potential+likeability+youth = me love him long time

4) Graeme McDowell - Love to hear his accent in interviews. Plus, has a very, very solid fist pump

5) Joe Durant - Oh, I love to kid Joe Durant


Favorite store-bought cookies:

1) Double Stuf Oreos - First-ballot Hall of Famer for cookies

2) Sugar wafers - The name pretty much says it all

3) Pepperidge Farms Tahoe - White Chocolate Macadamia (damn tasty!)

4) Keebler Fudge Stripes - A classic from my youth

5) Lorna Doones - Very new to my list ... sneaky good