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Tour pros in Twitter spat over rap music on range

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There’s no cheering in the press box – or, in our case, a media tent that is usually as cold as a meat locker – but we can’t help but root for a Will Wilcox-Brendan Steele pairing sometime soon.

Nice players, both of them, but it seems they’re engaged in a bit of a social-media spat.

Apparently, it all stems from Wilcox bumping some Drake hits on the range last week at TPC River Highlands, home of the Travelers Championship. Steele took exception to the loud hip-hop music – or was it the fact that he was listening to Drizzy??? – during a tournament and then may or may not have ratted out Wilcox. 

Since this Twitter exchange will surely be deleted once Camp Ponte Vedra finds out, we took the liberty of screen-shotting the action: 

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Bickering over rap music? This is about as juicy as it gets in golf.   

Instead of settling this dispute in a text message, email or direct message, these two PGA Tour pros have opted to hash this out in public, and for that we thank them.

So New School, bro.