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Trick shot artist here to fill Bryan Bro hole in our lives

Getty Images

Now that the Bryan Bros are playing - and winning - golf tournaments (and celebrating at Taco Bell), it's possible we won't be getting as many trick-shot videos from the Internet sensations.

So who's going to step up and fill the void so we can continue to distract ourselves with cool videos at work?  

How about Joshua Kelley, a self-described trick shot and freestyle artist who shows off his ridiculous creativity and hand-eye coordination on his Instagram and YouTube pages.

Kelley does trick shots on the course, in and around his house, at work, on hoverboards, on his pool table ... from the looks of it, pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

So feast your eyes on the insanity, Internet, because you never know. Before long, Kelley might get good enough at real golf to stop making these things. It's a vicious cycle.