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The trophy life: Most unusual trophies in golf

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“I’m hoping it’s a little more low key. It’s pretty businesslike out here. You’ve got guys every week that have five or six people with them: trainers, dieticians, shrinks, short-game coaches, long-game coaches, life coaches. I’m out here by myself with my caddie, and that’s how I’ve always liked it.” – Toms, 49, who was in the mix at the Zurich Classic, on his eventual transition to the Champions Tour.  - 

Alejandro Canizares won the Trophee Hassan II on Sunday in Morocco for his second professional win. But his five-shot victory didn't only ensure him bragging rights or the €250,000 winner's check. No, it came with something money can't buy - one of the most unusual trophies in golf (pictured here). 

That got the Grill Room thinking about other unusual trophies in golf, and turns out, there's plenty of 'em. To view the gallery click here or on the image below. And click here to view video of some of golf's odd prizes.

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